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How IT & Digital Solutions Helped Businesses Amidst COVID-19?

It will be an understatement to say that COVID-19 greatly impacted business entities on a large scale irrespective of their nature and scale. Organizations operated not only in Dubai but major advanced cities of the world have suffered losses due to this global pandemic and lockdown it imposed everywhere. However, there’s one sector that not only thrived during this pandemic but helped other companies belonging to different sectors to survive as well. We are talking about IT & Digital solutions providing companies here.

Digital & IT service providers in UAE witnessed a boom in the recent past. Even before the COVID-19 hit us and lockdown was imposed, this region was already witnessing the digital revolution. However, the novel coronavirus accelerated the pace of this revolution and it became the need of the hour for every business, regardless of its nature, to go online and thrive in the cut-throat competition & testing times simultaneously.

Here’s how IT & Digital Solutions helped businesses amidst COVID-19:

Creating an Online Presence

Whether coronavirus or not, it has become essential for every business to have an online presence if they want to beat the competition. In today’s time and age, if a business doesn’t have an online presence, it is certainly missing out on a lot of prospects.

Having an online presence has become much more than merely having a website up and running. It can convert any business into a brand if done tactfully and efficiently. For this, a business needs to be active on social media, post engaging content, and employ effective search engine optimization. Other than that, depending on the industry and customers, it also needs to have a dedicated application that can help it to become more accessible to the customers. This is only possible if it has hired a company that offers the best digital solutions in Dubai.

Many companies during the lockdown have availed the services of IT & digital solutions and survived the tough times.

Enhancing Customer Experience

The trend of providing a live chat facility to users was already gaining popularity during the pre-COVID era. Many companies also had IA-powered bots on their websites who would interact with customers and offer solutions to their basic queries. This trend has gained more popularity during the lockdown period. In order to provide their customers with a better experience, many companies turned to smart IT solutions in Dubai to have a live chat facility on their websites. With offices being closed, having such a feature enabled them to directly communicate with their customers in a seamless manner.

To Make Data-Driven Strategies

Latest IT solutions have also helped companies to come up with data-driven strategies. The implementation of such strategies has made it easier for them to survive through the hot waters. Particularly during the lockdown phase, many companies found it hard to survive. As they weren’t allowed to open their offices, it was difficult for them to collect relevant data and make new strategies for their survival. However, with the help of IT firms, they were able to gain more exposure and collect data, which could be converted into useful information.

Turning their Business into an E-Commerce Store

Online shopping is certainly not an alien term. People can now buy all sorts of items and get them delivered to their doorsteps in a hassle-free manner. Using this feature of the latest technology to their advantage, many retail business entities opted to have an e-commerce store created for them. This has not only helped them to reach their existing clientele but expand their customer base as well. For instance, Emaar Malls, in partnership with, launched an online version of Dubai Mall during the lockdown. This initiative helped numerous stores located in this mall to cater to their clients and customers, albeit in a virtual manner. Following this initiative, many retail stores also availed IT solutions in Dubai to shift their businesses online.

All in all, it has become, more or less, necessary for every business entity to have IT solutions if it wants to survive and thrive in the cut-throat competition and face unprecedented challenges by COVID-19. However, they need to select the best IT & digital solutions Dubai has to offer if they want to carve a niche in the digital world.

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