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Social Marketing Trends You Need To Know For 2020

Given the recent market conditions amidst the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, digital marketing is gaining increased importance. Businesses like Walmart, Target, Carrefour are making the most of the situation. Even those business entities that aren’t selling essential grocery items are skyrocketing with profits.

Much of this is due to great marketing strategies being followed around the world. To reach millions of users, you need to target more than just the search engines. Gone are the days when SEO alone was enough to generate traffic and convert it into leads. Social media marketing is one such tool that you need to master in order to get more leads and sales.

Here are a few trends that are taking it off in SMM:


Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and a lot more platforms all offer the Stories section right at the homepage. In fact, this feature is placed perfectly on the top of our home sections, providing instant access. These stories almost compel everyone to click on any thumbnail and start watching everyone’s stories on the go.

Stating factual data, it’s no secret that almost 500 million users watch stories on Facebook on a daily basis. Not only are these stories really effective, but they are also more prone to being watched and read than your normal posts. That makes it the perfect position to advertise your discounts, products, endorsements, and upcoming promos or giveaways.

Stories can even allow you to conduct surveys with interactive posts prompting a response from the viewer. Furthermore, you can engage with your audience in a manner that will get you popularity and shares as well. People share your stories as their own and thus, it appears on each of their friends’ feeds as well.

Video Content:

Think of how the normal user scrolls through their social feeds. The only things they stop for are memes or videos that appear to be attractive to them. IGTV is watched way more than our traditional television systems at home. Similarly, the Facebook Watch section has endless videos that keep playing, one after another.

That means you should definitely work on video content. Not only will it prove effective in gaining prominence, but you’ll also get credibility as well. Video content posts are more likely to be believed than simple posts. There are also more chances of video content being shared and forwarded as reference.

This means that your video content shouldn’t just be creative and innovative, it should be thorough and flawless. One doesn’t have to look far to realize that wrong and bogus content can be punished severely as well. You don’t want to become a laughing stock. Although going with humorous posts is a great way to reach more audiences. So, be creative and thorough about what you’re trying to say and to whom.

Consider Social Networks:

If you think advertising on Facebook and Instagram is enough, you’re dead wrong. The famous TikTok and Snapchat are such platforms that have been taking the markets by storm. With over 70% of people aged 13-34 using these applications, you’re missing out on a lot of leads by not targeting them.

Similarly, depending on your brand, product, and specific target audiences that are liable to buy them, specific networks exist. These networks could be small groups of people who follow similar subcultures or specific influencers targeting the audience you need.

Look for the niches and groups that your target audience is likely to engage in. For example, people who sell mechanical tools would likely find potential customers in groups for bikers, riders, etc. You can use people who post about various car reviews and have them endorse your product.

The key is to find the most specific circle that is bound to have the best customers. Rather than going for mass marketing all the time, try looking for specific audiences. Consider getting the best digital solution in UAE for your business drafted by a top digital agency instead of taking matters into your inexperienced hands. Of course, you can learn along the way but it is recommended to rely on experts to ensure effective strategies are formed and executed.


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