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Top Trending IT Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is a place of visionary innovations. From the landmark projects to the futuristic approach towards technological development, the emirate encourages all who seek to bring about something new. And in this day and age, the digital era, it’s open season for opportunists and learners to bring about their skill sets. With bright ideas and the skills to make it happen, one can cooperate with others to bring about the next revolution in the cyber-realm.

There’s a huge demand for IT services in Dubai. Each company wants to rank on top of their industry and since everything involves the use of digital technology, they’re always looking for creative individuals who can bring about positive change.

Simply put, if you are qualified with the right skill set, you can land a job in Dubai easily. Let’s discuss some of those jobs below:

Software Developers:

For starters, anyone belonging to the field of computer science can understand the need for software development. Every company needs to develop its own software or if you’re working for a firm, you’ll have multiple projects to work on.

Companies require people who have experience in various languages and development environments. People with more experience are obviously preferred but there isn’t a shortage of demand for internees or fresh personnel looking for experience. Ultimately, you’ll be working your way through to learn new skills as well as develop experience. Dubai hopes to make its Dubai Internet City similar to Silicon Valley. Therefore, they’re prepared to hire people at high wages to encourage bright innovative minds to make that dream a reality.

Software developers can earn up to AED 8,000-14,000 depending upon their experience.

Web Developers:

Every business needs a website in order to have an online presence. In addition to this, they also require a website that is interactive, creative, unique, and engaging enough to please their target audience. This is the work of skilled and creative web developers that can work individually or in teams to present the best possible solutions for modern digital problems.

Furthermore, web developers are also required to work on detailed databases involved in huge projects. Web developers, either working on the front end or back end, need to develop their skills and become full stack in order to meet the increasing demands. However, all this work certainly doesn’t go unappreciated as every IT park or development firm is willing to pay heaps in salaries for skilled individuals. You can start off as a junior associate and work on little things as you progress through and learn how to take the lead on projects and work with teams.

Small businesses also require an online presence and therefore, they are also willing to hire web developers to work on an individual site. This means that web developers are in huge demand as every business in every industry needs to go online.

Web developers can earn up to AED 18,000 with enough experience.

Digital Marketing:

As vast as the term might seem, the job description is usually very long with a substantial figure salary associated with it. Digital marketing experts are required to promote businesses through various digital platforms, mostly through paid advertisements. These platforms can be various search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. or social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Since digital advertisement and promotion is necessary to reach a broader but targeted audience, it requires experience and skill. However, if you can provide the business you’re working for with substantial leads and sales, you can expect a hefty amount in salaries. Providing digital solutions is the future of job markets in Dubai.

The field of digital marketing is very vast and often comprises of a lot of jobs that involve SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (Social Media Management), Performance marketing, content experts, etc. All these skills are in high demand due to the rising need of businesses to reach audiences across the web.

Digital Marketing Experts can get up to AED 8,000-18,000 easily based on their experience.

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