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Trends In Software Development You Need To Know In 2020

Software development is a continuously growing field ever since its inception. Each year, we witness countless changes and innovations in the industry that make things interesting and easier. What took months to do before is now only a matter of minutes. Having said that, the changes aren’t uniform. Newer trends in software development keep surfacing. Thus, it’s best to keep yourself updated.

To help you get started, here’s a list of things you should know in the innovative world of software development in 2020:

AI Is The Future:

Artificial intelligence is a dream that’s being realized as each day passes. This is the type of technology that feeds on data and grows according to the needs and requirements of the industry infrastructure it’s applied to. Therefore, one can be sure that it will certainly continue dominating.

Right now, industries such as social media, travel industries, and healthcare that are using AI are accomplishing extraordinary feats. Developments and innovations critical to the working of different technologies being used in the industries have sped up substantially with the incorporation of AI. Experts are now able to emulate human cognition that helps them in analyzing complex algorithms of the brain. Moreover, using machine learning and virtual environments, it’s easier to train and run experiments. Compiling huge data sets to solve complicated problems is also easier through the integration and use of artificial intelligence.

AI is also helping social media platforms to become more intelligent. It also aids marketers and end-users to have a better experience. From recognizing faces in photos to targeted advertisements, social media marketing is evolving at a rapid pace following the recent developments. The in-flow of data allows people related to any industry to come up with creative ideas and understand the market better.

Python Beats All:

The groundbreaking programming language, Python is proving to be one of the most useful tools to solve complicated problems that were previously thought impossible. One can imagine the significance of the language by the fact that Python is also used in taking the picture of a black hole.

The language was previously performing alongside others in advancing machine learning researches and data analytics. Furthermore, web development in Python has revolutionized the way the world perceived websites. It’s clear that software developer salary in Dubai is significantly more for Python programmers than many others.

The language presents programmers with the ability to compile codes at a substantially faster pace than before. This has sped up the entire process of creating complex programs and even games that took years to complete. The ability to find various codes on the stacks available online, used as an open-source directory to help programmers lessen their workload.

However, this is just some of the things that make Python a groundbreaking development that is only going to become better as each day passes.

Blockchain Technology:

Although it’s recent, the technological discoveries in Blockchain are commendable due to their decentralized nature. Impossible to hack, blockchain is commonly being used to store public-facing databases. This opens up new avenues for people who are looking to use the idea and take it a step further.

Of course, like all technological discoveries, this one is entirely dependent on the type of industry that uses it. This will determine the next step that is taken to innovate the working of the said industries. Blockchain-based apps are in huge demand and the supply is increasing with the availability of datasets existing online.

Cloud Working:

If you’re still relying on traditional local hard drives and storage, you are missing out on exciting and safe working environments. Cloud working has made it possible for people to work on the same projects from different edges of the world. This means you can apply for software developer jobs in Dubai or freelance projects anywhere in the world. Moreover, with unlimited storage that allows you instant access from anywhere, one can remain worry-free about losing their data.

Cloud storages are also paving the way for Microservice Architecture. This is a recent innovation that is making development a lot easier for developers. Even in situations when cloud computing seems to fail us, especially in remote areas that have low connectivity to central locations, edge computing seems to save the day. You can handle time-sensitive projects easily once you start using edge computing.


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